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Aeronautique offers DO-178B and DO-178C related services and training options to developers

Aeronautique is a partnership formed of experienced practitioners all of whom have been closely involved with the development of the RTCA and EUROCAE documents that contain aeronautical software guidance.


About Us

sampleAeronautique Associates brings together valuable experience to deliver DO-178B and DO-178C related training and services to organisations developing aeronautical software in the avionic, space and Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) domains. Each of the partners in Aeronautique has been closely involved in the development of DO-178C and associated documents making us well placed to deliver training and provide services from a relevant and firm foundation.

Training courses cover all disciplines from management to practitioners, and range from short courses for experienced staff covering the transition from DO-178B to DO-178C to full three day courses that address the entire DO-178C related document set including the Object Oriented Technologies, Model Based Development and Verification and Formal Method supplements. Courses can also be easily tailored to your particular business needs. Read More...

DO-178C Training

sample imageWith DO-178C now available from RTCA and ED-12C available from EUROCAE, we have a range of courses available that cover the management perspectives, the transition for experienced practitioners and the full course for those engineers who have not worked with DO-178B in the past. Read More...

DO-278A/ED-109A Training

sample imageWhilst the differences between DO-178C and the DO-278A/ED-109A variant are not great, tailored versions of each of the DO-178C available courses are available to those working in the Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) domain. Read More...

DO-178B Training

Although DO-178C is now available, many organisations will continue to meet DO-178B on existing development projects and in support and maintenance of in service products. To support these organisations, we continue to offer all of our existing courses that we have been refining and successfully delivering since the 1990s. Read More...

Technology Supplements

sample imageWith the introduction of DO-178C we also see the arrival of four new documents: three supplements describing how to apply DO-178C when utilising particular technologies, and DO-330 providing Software Tool Qualification Considerations. Each of these documents is fully addressed in the training provided by Aeronautique. Read More...

Gap Analysis

sample imageOver many years our partners have offered a gap analysis service that evaluates an organisation's software processes for compliance with DO-178B. This has proved to be a very useful activity for first time developers and now we are additionally offering a gap analysis service for those businesses looking to prepare for or transition to DO-178C. Read More...

Compliance Demonstration

sample imageThe partners in Aeronautique have extensive experience in the support and evaluation of software submitted to support formal certification or approval applications. This includes the conduct of Stage of Involvement (SOI) reviews in accordance with the FAA Job Aid and carrying out Certification Liaison activities on behalf of applicants. Read More...

Tailored Training

Aeronautique fully understand that many organisations have more specific training needs than can be offered by standard courses. We can discuss these needs with you to tailor our course material to suit your specific needs and offer specific training to your staff at your facility. Contact us to see how we can help.

The Space Community

sampleFor many years the European space community has been working with DO-178B (ED-12C) and DO-278 (ED-109) to develop mission critical software for space systems including EGNOS and Galileo.

Aeronautique partners have worked with the European Space Agency and it's suppliers to develop variant standards that take account of the additional needs of the space community and to work on the approval and certification of EGNOS & Galileo software and systems. As such we are uniquely placed to offer courses covering the extant space standards and to work with the space community as it transitions to the new baseline.

Why Use Aeronautique?

Aeronautique training courses for practitioners run by practitioners. Our extensive experience in the development of DO-178B, DO-178C and all of the associated documents places us in a strong position to deliver the training needs you need.